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Closing the Gap Between Sound and Score

"Closing the Gap between Sound and Score in the Performance of Electroacoustic Music" has recently been published in a collective book entitled "Sound and Score. Essays on Sound, Score and Notation" (Leuven University Press, 2013) generously coordinated by the Orpheus Instituut and Paulo de Assis, Cathleen Coessens and William Brooks (eds.). This chapter stands up for the often overlooked performative dimension of electroacoustic music. It revolves around the subjects of score and notation and touches upon a number of "classical problems" of electroacoustic music. On the basis of practical examples different modes of interaction between the score and the performer are investigated. The contexts examined include:

  • Lutherie as a score-reading practice
  • The performer’s annotations
  • Historically-informed vs. contemporary performance
  • The link between performance and score edition
  • The score as mediator
  • The score and the performance of space
  • Connections between score, analysis and listening