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This selection of works presented in the Donaueschinger Festspiele 2008 includes Jimmy Lopez's "Incubus III" for clarinet, percussion and live-electronics. I was responsible for the production of the electronic part of this piece at the Experimentalstudio of the SWR in 2009-10. The recording on the CD is a live documentation of the premiere, in which I played the live-electronic part together with members of the ensemble musikFabrik, Carl Rosman (clarinet) and Dirk Rothbrust (percussion). Here you can listen to a 2 min. excerpt that corresponds to the opening section of the piece.

Composer: Jimmy Lopez
Electronic Realisation: Gregorio García Karman
Performers: Carl Rosman, clarinet; Dirk Rothbrust, percussion; Gregorio García Karman, live-electronics
Label: NEOS
Year: 2010
Reference no.: NEOS 11051
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