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"Murmullos del Páramo" Julio Estrada

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Murmullos del Páramo
Julio Estrada
Wednesday, 1 December, 2010
Spiral Hall, Tokyo, Japan

This film documents the premiere of the 2010-Tokyo production of Julio Estrada's seminal opera "Murmullos del Páramo." The spatial concept in this composition demands the installation a multi-channel loudspeaker dome above the audience. This dome is used for the real-time spatialization of instruments and voices as well as to project the sound of a 24-channel tape, which is mixed live. Prior to Japan, "Murmullos del Páramo" was presented in Madrid (Teatro Espanol), Stuttgart (Theaterhaus), Venice (Biennale) and Mexico DF (Nezahualcoyotl). I was responsible for the realisation of the tape part (a 2-hour, 24-channel ProTools session) at the Experimentalstudio of the SWR working with the composer over a period of 6 weeks in 2006 and as sound director of the opera in all aforementioned productions.