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"Still" Jonathan Harvey

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Jonathan Harvey
Tuesday, 1 December, 2009
Salzlager, Hall in Tirol, Austria

This is a video recording of Jonathan Harvey's duo "Still", for tuba and live electronics. Harvey's score essentially proposes an improvisation based on a sequence of chords, which is to be fed into a very long reverb.

The performance environment that I devised for this concert is based on an Infernal Machine IM90 fed into a Lexicon L960 multichannel program—both units carefully programmed with custom settings—feeding eight loudspeakers. Playing the electronic part consisted of controlling the inputs and outputs of both reverberation machines as well as the level of the individual loudspeakers.

Jonathan Harvey's considerate reaction to our performance was: "Dear Gregorio, thanks so much. The performance is very beautiful, I was captivated from the beginning to end. The concentration on sound is very special. It was a real pleasure for me." (J.H. 5.12.10)