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Claustrophilia, a page for John Cage (1966)

Work Title: 
Claustrophilia, a page for john Cage (1966)
Roberto Gerhard
Electronic Realisation: 
Gregorio García Karman
Abigail Prat, Emelyne Lobel, Júlia Muntaner, Anna Quiroga, Marta Montguillot, Maria Esclusa, Andrea Mantes, Maria Gibert, Anna Godoy, harps. Juan Jurado, Hallicrafters SX 62 (1955); Gemma Rodríguez, RCA ACR 111 (1934); Roger Vilà, National NC 183 (1946); Oliver Vinent, Grundig Satellite 2000 (ca. 1970) (Short-wave receivers from the collection of Jaume Figueras). Benjamin Davies, monitor I; Gregorio García Karman, monitor II. Pau Estrada, video
Conservatori del Liceu, Barcelona (Spain)
Sunday, 1 April, 2012

This short film gives a front-row seat to the premiere of Roberto Gerhard's musical "divertimento" Claustrophilia (1966), for eight harps, four wireless receivers and two monitors. Claustrophilia was purposely conceived by Gerhard in response to John Cage's request for a manuscript page for his famous catalogue "Notations". Accompanying this page—sent to Cage as a "Christmas postcard" in December 1966—, Gerhard expressed his wish for John Cage and David Tudor to conduct its performance. This film picks up for the first time Gerhard's challenge in the year of John Cage's 100 anniversary.